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Thomas Safrin

Author, Speaker, Mind Coach and Hypnotist

Real answers from a certified Hypnotist and Mind Coach whose practice specializes in overcoming fear, anxiety, and stress while helping clients achieve their goals in life.  Thom is an author, mind coach, speaker, father, and husband.  You can tap into his wisdom and experience by reading Thom’s book, coaching with him, and benefiting from his social media.


Coaching with Thom:

Find Answers to Life Problems

Through my coaching,  books, and speaking, I help people find real-life solutions to personal issues, including overcoming negative thoughts and habits, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and regaining a positive mindset, adopting positive lifestyle habits, and gaining control of their lives.

As a coach, I help people reach solutions and uncover resources for their unique situations and live their best life despite the difficulties.

I work with people worldwide online, and with people one-on-one in my office in Pooler (Savannah area), Georgia.


Use the contact page to send me an email or to book a strategy session in Zoom or by phone!

Qualification and Experience

I am a professional speaker, an author, a mind coach, and a compassionate advocate with decades of professional and life experience.  I provide coaching services drawing from my professional expertise and personal experiences overcoming many of the same issues you are facing.

      Board Certified Hypnotist

      Retired Law Enforcement Trainer

      Experienced Educator

Thom Safrin


Discover how this bestselling book can provide you with real solutions

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Services Provided by Thom Safrin

Keynote, conference, and educational speaking

Books, online classes, and resources

One-on-one in person coaching online and worldwide

Group coaching online and worldwide

Schedule a Coaching Session with Thom

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